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The Element of Saving

Piggy Bank


From the famous words of the famous financial book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason, we have the barebones foundation for saving money. I’ve just started reading the book and I’ve already extracted much wisdom in only … Read the rest

Do you want to Look Rich or Be Rich?

Mercedez Benz

*Disclaimer: This is not a post on how to get rich. I examine the concept of looking like you have money vs. actually having money.

I’ve noticed people close to me making poor financial moves this month. This caused me to examine myself and I began to reflect on a … Read the rest

How To Crush Impulse Buying

GameStop - video game store

“Yeah, I’ll take one of those too”.

I walked into Gamestop one day to kill some time before my movie started. I looked around until I saw a red 3DS hanging from the wall. I’ve been wanting one for years but never got around to buy one. Now’s my chance, … Read the rest

Avoid Being Boxed – Decategorize Yourself


Mini Person made of Cardboard

In the beginning, our minds were feeble and we looked to our parents for everything. We copied them to understand correct behavior to gain their approval. This helped our young selves to get what we wanted so we adjusted our behavior as so. This mindset is necessary as a … Read the rest

Experience Trumps Knowledge

Library - full of books

I recently finished my driving classes where the instructors taught us a lot about almost every aspect of driving: driving on city streets, country roads, and in all types of weather, etc. etc. The teachers do a good job making sure the students understand the laws and clearing up any … Read the rest

How to Endure Boring Work

A man reaching for his phone

For the sake of the post, let’s imagine a man named Paul. Paul here constantly has burning passions to start an endeavor whether it be a new skill, craft, sport, etc. This time he wants to start learning the piano. He watches dozens of videos of guys covering popular, complicated … Read the rest

Love Criticism. Don’t Hate It.

Blurry Glasses

At the end of my junior year in high school, I got into fashion and was determined to improve my appearance. How you look can affect your mood and esteem and is an excellent part of yourself to work on. Some months earlier, I saw some maroon Sperry boat shoesRead the rest

Needs vs. Wants (and How to Separate Them)

Sign with the word "water"

Back in fifth grade, I went to an overnight camp with my school. On the last day there, everyone gathered together for our last group activity. For the activity, our groups had to find signs that had a certain “need” written on them that people needed to survive; water, food, … Read the rest

Why You Should Have Multiple Branches of Income


I’ve discussed very briefly before on how it’s dangerous to just rely on one source of income here. I refer to that post frequently in this one so be sure to read that first. If you’re not subscribed to our email list yet, be sure to subscribe just to … Read the rest

Keep Your Goals To Yourself

People talking at a restaurant

Remember a time that a friend of yours excitedly telling you their goals and plans for their life. This could be their goals to lose weight, save money, literally anything. They would speak about it every time they had. You would have to remind your friend that they told you … Read the rest

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