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Experience Trumps Knowledge

Library - full of books

I recently finished my driving classes where the instructors taught us a lot about almost every aspect of driving: driving on city streets, country roads, and in all types of weather, etc. etc. The teachers do a good job making sure the students understand the laws and clearing up any confusion that may come with driving. Finally, I got behind the wheel, but I had very limited experience as I do not drive that much. … Read the rest

Why You Should Have Multiple Branches of Income


I’ve discussed very briefly before on how it’s dangerous to just rely on one source of income here. I refer to that post frequently in this one so be sure to read that first. If you’re not subscribed to our email list yet, be sure to subscribe just to the right of this page to get all our new¬†posts¬†immediately in one place. Now, let’s dive into why you should have more than … Read the rest

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