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Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re determined to find the best, most efficient ways to make money/save money online. In doing so, we do not just focus on one method or path but look at all opportunities and there are big opportunities in making money with your cell phone. There are many apps out there for earning money by downloading apps, taking surveys, and watching videos. The majority suffer bad app development and terrible reward systems.  After doing some research, I’ve narrowed down the best app of this kind. The one that seemed to stand out amongst the others is FreeMyApps.

What is FreeMyApps?

FreeMyApps is your traditional “download apps for rewards” app but with a significantly better overall structure than most of you have encountered. The basis of that app allows you download different apps for “credits”. These credits can be redeemed for many different types of gift cards such as Amazon, Itunes, and Xbox gift cards to name a few. But wait. I thought you earn money from this app?? You can simply convert your gift card rewards to money at Make sure your gift card is eligible for conversion on CardCash first.  You can see how you can stack up on downloading these apps and inviting friends to use FreeMyApps (you get a bonus of 200 free credits every time a friend signs up with your code and downloads at least 1 app!). Your credits can grow very quickly depending on how you use it. It is an excellent tool and is worthy to be added to your money-making arsenal.

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Awesome! How do I get started??

Begin by downloading the app. If you have an iPhone, it will give us special instructions to set up the application. When it’s downloaded, it will place you at the main menu where you can begin downloading apps. You’ll see the credit value of each app beside the app itself. Get started racking up credits and redeem a reward. Remember, you can use to convert your gift cards to cash (only eligible cards, double check your card can be converted).


Make sure you use the downloaded apps for at least 30 seconds for the credits to process. New apps and offers update constantly so be patient if you run out. There will be more!

I hope this app becomes of some use to you in helping you make money. Make sure to share this article if you find it helpful so more people can find out how to make some money with it too! To make sure you get all the post as soon as they hit the site, subscribe to our free newsletter.