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For content creators of all sorts, your craft is valuable and is worthy to be paid for. With Patreon, your audience can contribute to your endeavors while still receiving benefits too. So let’s jump right in so you can begin making money for your art.

What is Patreon?

As you begin releasing quality content, your audience can become supporters using Patreon. You set up a page on Patreon as a subscription service. Your supporters pay you monthly (or for every time you post something) as a “pledge” to help you continue delivering the content they love. Your content can literally be anything: making YouTube videos, drawing comics, singing, etc. Anything. In return, you may allow a “reward system” to benefit your patrons. For example, an artist sets up his page for his audience. For contributing $1, a supporter receives all of his sketches that never make the release cut. For $5, they receive private access to a livestream of the artist creating his drawing. This goes on and on to how much your supporters pay you. You can reward your loyal supporters with anything you’d like to give them for their contributions.

Awesome, How do I get Started??

Patreon - Create a Page

Go create a page here at Patreon. You can describe who you are, what you do, and how your audience can contribute on your page. You can even integrate you Patreon page on your website if you have one to inform all your fans ways to contribute. I hope this helps you make money for what you love to do. That’s enough from me, go get started!