Side Hustle

: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job.

We’re already through our first month of 2017 people. How are we doing guys? Most of you reading here today have a desire to make some money on the side this year. I’m telling you it’s not too late. Do not wait another year. Another day. Act now. I’ll help you out to get started on starting your very own side hustle.

What’s so great about a side hustle?

One source of income – ok that’s cool. But why not have multiple sources of income? Not only will it provide a safety net for you in case you lose your one and only source (ex. getting fired from your job), it provides you different ways of getting money. No job is 100% secure. There is always a possibility that the business can fail or they’re overstaffed. Make some money for yourself. Do not give your money to just mere chance.  Let’s make it happen.

How do I get started?

You already know! I’m 100% sure you know at least one step to starting your first side hustle. Ask yourself, what are you good at/like to do and how can I profit from it. You may be the go-to guy for computer help or the sneakerhead. Whatever you do make sure it is a value to others. Our website is about making money especially online so once you find your skill, master it. Educate yourself about everything about. One of my old side hustles was fixing computers. I would stay on computer forums just soaking in information about computers. I enjoyed it so it was not a chore to me. I would then use that information and apply it to fixing others’ computers.

That leads me to my next point, sell your skill. Your skill will not automatically make you money. You have to do that. Reach out to others. For instance, when I fixed computers, teachers in class would always complain/ask for help when dealing with technology. Be that go-to guy! I helped them out and they remembered me. Teachers came to me for help with their personal computers and that is when I told them what I do. I fix computers for $$$.

What do you do now? You probably can guess. Build on this. Make sure you maintain all the information you need regarding your skill. Be the go-to guy and sell your skill. This works online too including using these methods here and here.  Remember with any hustle, it take work. I’ve made the guide simple but does not mean the road will be easy. I hope you have gotten something from this post. Go ahead and subscribe on the right side of the page so you know when a new post is live as soon as I publish it. Good luck ✊🏾.