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How to Start A "Side Hustle"

Side Hustle

: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job.

We’re already through our first month of 2017 people. How are we doing guys? Most of you reading here today have a desire to make some money...Read More »

The Top Movies to Get You Hype (Updated Jan 31)

I just got inspiration for writing this at 3:20 AM after watching a movie listed below (not telling you yet read on). Immediately after watching the movie I worked out and began writing this post for the blog. Now when I mean the top movies to get you hype, I...Read More »

The Absolute Best "Download Apps For Money" App

Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re determined to find the best, most efficient ways to make money/save money online. In doing so, we do not just focus on one method or path but look at all opportunities and there are big opportunities in making money with your cell phone. There...Read More »

Send Money Instantly • Cash App

A mobile app that is gaining massive popularity is the Cash app by Square. Expanding from mobile card readers, Square Inc. has designed a mobile app for sending and receiving money right on your smartphone. This app is entirely useful for anytime you cannot give somebody cash in person....Read More »

Get Paid For Doing Anything Online

This blog is dedicated to providing you ways to make and save your money. Here is yet another way for anybody to make online.

Everybody has at least one skill/talent about them that is valuable to others. That one thing can get you paid depending on how you approach your...Read More »

Get Paid For Your Content With Patreon

For content creators of all sorts, your craft is valuable and is worthy to be paid for. With Patreon, your audience can contribute to your endeavors while still receiving benefits too. So let’s jump right in so you can begin making money for your art.

What is Patreon?

As you begin...Read More »