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Why The Worst Situations are Actually the Best

We look at our misfortunes the wrong way. We see our setbacks in life as complete losses. In this age, we look upon them with a depressed eye as yet another indefinite obstacle in our lives just waiting to ruin us. Nope nope nope. Our problem is that we exaggerate the problems or bad times that hit us and see them as misfortunes. Misfortunes that only bring us down. We then get lost in our own self-defeat and fear. Fuck that. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Change Your Mindset

We cannot control the bad times or misfortunes hit us, but we can control how we view them. I challenge you to change your mindset. Tough times keep our minds sharp. Without them, our minds decay and become soft and weak. We get used to no immediate conflict putting us in danger so when trials swarm in, we are easily overwhelmed and look for other negative methods to ease our pain. When trials come, take a step back. Analyze the conflict/trouble of what it actually is. Take yourself out of the dream and the cloudiness that the lack of trials has placed over your eyes.

Once you detach yourself from your emotions and look at the problem in its real form (if it actually is a problem), begin finding value in this situation. It is easy to just give in to just waiting until the problem “goes away”. Take advantage. Stuck working at your boring job? Learn the business, all the ins and outs of your line of work. Understand how corporate works and how people are treated in all ranks of the business. This information is incredibly important for starting your own business you actually care about. I’ve found value in this exact situation by realizing that I do not want this. I do not want to give away the power to people to bark orders at me, especially those who I am more qualified then. I need something  of my own to maintain my freedom. I could not have had this realization if I did analyze my job situation and agree to get something out of it.

Start “turning shit into sugar”. Instead of complaining or drowning in self-pity. Let’s make use of our misfortunes. Understand we can’t control our situation but we can utilize the event to forward our own goals. Enough from me, go and “turn shit to sugar”.


  1. Good stuff Juan. I have become more skilled in this area. Everything was a nightmare to me when things seemed to turn to crap. Now I feel my emotions more than ever, embracing and releasing these energies, so I see the opportunity or blessing or value in the moment. Cool blog! I found you via Reddit.


    • That’s amazing Ryan. It’s very difficult to keep your emotions from taking over so I congratulate you on seeing these opportunities and taking hold of them.

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