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How to Start A “Side Hustle”

Side Hustle

: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job.

We’re already through our first month of 2017 people. How are we doing guys? Most of you reading here today have a desire to make some money on the side this year. I’m telling you it’s not too late. Do not wait another year. Another day. Act now. I’ll help you out to get started on starting your very own side hustle.

What’s so great about a side hustle?

One source of income – ok that’s cool. But why not have multiple sources of income? Not only will it provide a safety net for you in case you lose your one and only source (ex. getting fired from your job), it provides you different ways of getting money. No job is 100% secure. There is always a possibility that the business can fail or they’re overstaffed. Make some money for yourself. Do not give your money to just mere chance.  Let’s make it happen.

How do I get started?

You already know! I’m 100% sure you know at least one step to starting your first side hustle. Ask yourself, what are you good at/like to do and how can I profit from it. You may be the go-to guy for computer help or the sneakerhead. Whatever you do make sure it is a value to others. Our website is about making money especially online so once you find your skill, master it. Educate yourself about everything about. One of my old side hustles was fixing computers. I would stay on computer forums just soaking in information about computers. I enjoyed it so it was not a chore to me. I would then use that information and apply it to fixing others’ computers.

That leads me to my next point, sell your skill. Your skill will not automatically make you money. You have to do that. Reach out to others. For instance, when I fixed computers, teachers in class would always complain/ask for help when dealing with technology. Be that go-to guy! I helped them out and they remembered me. Teachers came to me for help with their personal computers and that is when I told them what I do. I fix computers for $$$.

What do you do now? You probably can guess. Build on this. Make sure you maintain all the information you need regarding your skill. Be the go-to guy and sell your skill. This works online too including using these methods here and here.  Remember with any hustle, it take work. I’ve made the guide simple but does not mean the road will be easy. I hope you have gotten something from this post. Go ahead and subscribe on the right side of the page so you know when a new post is live as soon as I publish it. Good luck ✊🏾.


What does it mean to be broke?

A woman holding out her hands.


 not having any money

Alright, guys post over. You can leave. Just kidding… while everyone knows what it means to be broke, being broke is a lot less straightforward than you think. Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re dedicated to finding ways online to make money to push towards the ultimate goal of having financial freedom. (I’ve provided tools already with more to come.)

We all agree it sucks to be broke. It makes it harder to feed the kids, pay bills, keep a roof over your head, etc. etc. etc. We feel less control over our situations when we do not have the money we need to carry on our daily lives. We feel powerless. Why? Money gives us power. The type of power to not stress over life’s necessities. The type of power that gives us options to choose in our lives. When we’re broke, our money has to be in one place or another, to survive.

“But I’m not broke, I have a job.” The majority of our jobs consist of going to work from 9-5 taking orders from an annoying, possibly underqualified boss not doing what you really want to do. You have to request for days off, ask if you can take your lunch early,  or pray for a promotion. I HATE THAT. That is still being in a stage of being broke where I do not have any freedom. Then your boss has the power to deny that day off, oppose you taking a lunch break early, and even reject your job promotion. Why are we giving others this power over our lives??

We’re on a journey guys. Let’s regain that power in our lives. We cannot live as a human and not have control over our lives in this day and age. Say no to broke. That’s my mission statement and what I’ll live by. It will take a ton of work from us to start making our own money but we’ll get through it together. I have some tools and information that’ll help us and guide us along the way. Take advantage of them as more posts will be published in due time. Keep subscribed to our free newsletter to the right to be notified immediately when a new post becomes live. See you then.

Why Dream When You Can Do?

Person Dreaming

“I wish I could…”

“I would love to..”

“I have the best business idea..”

Stop. Stop talking, stop imagining, stop dreaming. You are wasting your precious, little time on this Earth, dreaming. Why? Why not do something with your dream?

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. ”

– T.E. Lawrence


Act on your dreams before they become another useless memory left in the back of your mind. Everybody dreams but everybody does not do. We sit on ideas and let them collect dust.  We sit there wishing we’d do something about them but we just lie there and keep dreaming.

Get up! Do at least one thing today to get closer to turning your dreams into something tangible. Want to go back and finish school? Go talk to your advisor and get everything straight to enroll in your first class today. Overweight or underweight? Hit the gym and eat appropriately today. Wanted to get back into reading daily? Grab your phone and begin reading an ebook today.

If your believe your dreams are worth so much, why let them sit idle in your brain? Let’s do something about them. I hope this post motivated you to do something today and get you closer to your goals whether that is to make money online or get fit. Enough from me, get up and do what you need to do today.

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The Top Movies to Get You Hype (Updated Jan 31)

I just got inspiration for writing this at 3:20 AM after watching a movie listed below (not telling you yet read on). Immediately after watching the movie I worked out and began writing this post for the blog. Now when I mean the top movies to get you hype, I mean to get you in the hustling mood. To give you that boost for getting ready to make money, workout, or really anything to get you pumped and hyped. I feel very motivated after watching these movies and it’ll help you get off your butt too and get primed to kick some ass.

Top Movies (In no particular order)

1. Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

One of my favorite movies in the hip-hop/crime category is Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which is loosely based upon Curtis Jackson’s life (aka the rapper 50 Cent). He plays the main role of Marcus who sells drugs at a young age to support himself after the mysterious disappearance of his mother.  As the story builds Marcus maintains his dream to become an artist after all the drama and “beef” surrounding him. This is the movie I wrote about in the intro. It is bound to get you pumped and ready to completely obliterate anything in your way to succeed. If you’re not fond of the hardcore themes of films like this, I have more options for you!

Notes: The film has the same name of 50 Cent’s album that is perfect for working out to. Curtis Jackson also published a book called “The 50th Law” which was co-written by Robert Greene who wrote the infamous “48 Laws of Power”. Both great reads.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

If you want an example of what obliterating is when it comes to business, take a look at Jordan Belfort. Based on a true story, we see Leonardo diCaprio reincarnate a determined stockbroker who will stop for nothing to get paid. Again, this is a very hardcore movie with tons, tons, and TONS of sexual and drug content so if you are not looking for something that hardcore, keep scrolling. But, if you’re up for it, you’ll learn some important key factors in fulfilling your goals and crushing your industry while watching a very entertaining and funny movie. (Mind you, the drugs and other stuff, NOT key factors lol)

3. Rocky

Rocky - the movie

If Rocky itself doesn’t fill you with that motivational, hustling mood, then Sylvester Stallone’s story in making the film has to. Down on his luck, Stallone got down and wrote the whole entire Rocky script withing a day. That is the definition of grind! Nobody would buy the movie from but he kept pushing. Finally, he struck a deal (a lot less than he anticipated granted) which allowed him to play the role of Rocky. The movie itself is about a someone in a similar financial situation who gets the chance to fight the heavyweight world champion, The, Apollo Creed.

These films should keep you going for now. This post is constantly updated so check back and subscribe to our free newsletter to get new posts instantly!

The Absolute Best “Download Apps For Money” App

FreeMyApps - logo

Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re determined to find the best, most efficient ways to make money/save money online. In doing so, we do not just focus on one method or path but look at all opportunities and there are big opportunities in making money with your cell phone. There are many apps out there for earning money by downloading apps, taking surveys, and watching videos. The majority suffer bad app development and terrible reward systems.  After doing some research, I’ve narrowed down the best app of this kind. The one that seemed to stand out amongst the others is FreeMyApps.

What is FreeMyApps?

FreeMyApps is your traditional “download apps for rewards” app but with a significantly better overall structure than most of you have encountered. The basis of that app allows you download different apps for “credits”. These credits can be redeemed for many different types of gift cards such as Amazon, Itunes, and Xbox gift cards to name a few. But wait. I thought you earn money from this app?? You can simply convert your gift card rewards to money at CardCash.com. Make sure your gift card is eligible for conversion on CardCash first.  You can see how you can stack up on downloading these apps and inviting friends to use FreeMyApps (you get a bonus of 200 free credits every time a friend signs up with your code and downloads at least 1 app!). Your credits can grow very quickly depending on how you use it. It is an excellent tool and is worthy to be added to your money-making arsenal.

FreeMyApps - App Download PageFreeMyApps - Rewards Page

Awesome! How do I get started??

Begin by downloading the app. If you have an iPhone, it will give us special instructions to set up the application. When it’s downloaded, it will place you at the main menu where you can begin downloading apps. You’ll see the credit value of each app beside the app itself. Get started racking up credits and redeem a reward. Remember, you can use CardCash.com to convert your gift cards to cash (only eligible cards, double check your card can be converted).


Make sure you use the downloaded apps for at least 30 seconds for the credits to process. New apps and offers update constantly so be patient if you run out. There will be more!

I hope this app becomes of some use to you in helping you make money. Make sure to share this article if you find it helpful so more people can find out how to make some money with it too! To make sure you get all the post as soon as they hit the site, subscribe to our free newsletter.

Get Paid For Buying Stuff Online

Paribus - Logo

As the main goals of this site (A. To Make Money Online / B. To Save Money Online), I’m dedicated to sharing ways/opportunities to carry out these goals. Therefore, in one of my recent searches to save money, I’ve found this app called Paribus. Paribus examines your recent online purchases and whenever there is a price drop from an eligible store (Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, etc), it will automatically refund the difference from the retailer. Example: You buy this weird ass pet rock that’s currently $12.50. Say the price drops to $8.25 in a few days. Paribus will automatically search for that price drop and refund you the money. Simple!

Weird Rock

So… How do I use it?

Paribus - Daily Deals/Refunds

First, you download the app Paribus (or use the website) and create an account, signing in securely through your email provider. Wait. It has access to my email? The app only has restricted tokenized access to pull only receipts.  Paribus will automatically filter the shopping sites’ receipts from your email with the latest items you’ve bought online. Whenever there is a decrease in price, Paribus will automatically initiate a refund. This is a great money-saver especially, used with other online saving techniques used combined. I hope this tool will be of use to use and your online shopping endeavors.


Products eligible for refund have an expiration date: typically 7-14 days from purchase date

Bugs: There were a few bugs on the iPhone app at the time of writing this. Issues were app crashing and login problems.

Send Money Instantly • Cash App

Square Inc. Logo

A mobile app that is gaining massive popularity is the Cash app by Square. Expanding from mobile card readers, Square Inc. has designed a mobile app for sending and receiving money right on your smartphone. This app is entirely useful for anytime you cannot give somebody cash in person. Cash is also designed for businesses where you only need to pay a fee of 2.75% of the payment sent.

How do I send/receive money?

Cash App Info

Download the app here or use their web app. Create a free account and add your bank account or debit card for funds. For personal use, you can receive your money instantly after paying a minuscule 1% fee for the transaction or wait 2-3 business days for the money to show in your account. Cash is a very simple app but can be extremely helpful at the right time.

I hope this post makes it easier to send/receive money quickly. To make sure you get all the post as soon as they hit the site, subscribe to our free newsletter.

Get Paid For Doing Anything Online

Fiverr - Site Logo

This blog is dedicated to providing you ways to make and save your money. Here is yet another way for anybody to make online.

Everybody has at least one skill/talent about them that is valuable to others. That one thing can get you paid depending on how you approach your skill. That’s exactly where Fiverr comes in.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance service that literally anyone can partake in. You offer your skill or knowledge of your expertise and people pay you at the minimum $5 for your service. I’ve used this service a numerous amount of times. On the receiving in, I needed someone to make a logo for an old YouTube channel I had years ago. Instead of rushing to spend some huge amount of money, I went to Fiverr. I found someone who was good at photoshop, paid him $5 and received different drafts of the finished product until I was satisfied. This is only one of the numerous ways Fiverr can be implemented into someone’s daily life and you can take a hold of that. You can market any skill/knowledge you may have in practically any field.  I’m just naming a few ideas people are making money on, on Fiverr right now; photoshopping, creating an amazing fantasy football team, voice impersonations, writing resume covers etc. etc.  This could be you providing your service right now!

So.. How can I make money?

Fiverr Home Page

I gotchu. Go ahead and make a free Fiverr account. After signup, you can begin listing a service to provide for your customers.  Look at what others are offering on the site to give you an idea of what others are making money doing. You can go through the different categories to familiarize yourself with the site and gather more understanding of the community.

I hope this post gets you closer to your goal of making money online. To make sure you get all the post as soon as they hit the site, subscribe to our free newsletter.


Get Paid For Your Content With Patreon

Patreon Logo

For content creators of all sorts, your craft is valuable and is worthy to be paid for. With Patreon, your audience can contribute to your endeavors while still receiving benefits too. So let’s jump right in so you can begin making money for your art.

What is Patreon?

As you begin releasing quality content, your audience can become supporters using Patreon. You set up a page on Patreon as a subscription service. Your supporters pay you monthly (or for every time you post something) as a “pledge” to help you continue delivering the content they love. Your content can literally be anything: making YouTube videos, drawing comics, singing, etc. Anything. In return, you may allow a “reward system” to benefit your patrons. For example, an artist sets up his page for his audience. For contributing $1, a supporter receives all of his sketches that never make the release cut. For $5, they receive private access to a livestream of the artist creating his drawing. This goes on and on to how much your supporters pay you. You can reward your loyal supporters with anything you’d like to give them for their contributions.

Awesome, How do I get Started??

Patreon - Create a Page

Go create a page here at Patreon. You can describe who you are, what you do, and how your audience can contribute on your page. You can even integrate you Patreon page on your website if you have one to inform all your fans ways to contribute. I hope this helps you make money for what you love to do. That’s enough from me, go get started!

Top Coupon Sites To Save You Money Shopping Online

Have you ever started shopping online on your favorite store’s site and got sick just seeing that ridiculous total? Instead of dumping out your cart, I have a solution! Many of you already knew shopping sites provide you with an option to input a coupon or promo code to get a discount. But, it may be extremely difficult hunting down a good code over the internet. That’s why I’ll give you some great options for searching for coupons to save you some bands.

1. RetailMeNot


Personally my favorite and most popular is RetailMeNot. Not only does the site provide official coupons (and super helpful user-submitted ones), it also shows you current deals from your favorite stores and restaurants like Best Buy, Finish Line, and even good ole IHOP. Definitely your best bet to look at first but if you do not see your desired code here, we have some other choices.

2. Groupon


Another great contender is Groupon. It’s most popular for “Groupons” which are coupons that you pay in advance for a specific deal you want.  In addition, Groupon also has a great normal online coupon section for lists of different codes for you to use.

BONUS* – If you own a business, Groupon is an excellent way to promote your company. You can add your own Groupon deal which acts as a coupon for your specific business.

3. FatWallet

Fat Wallet

Lastly, we have FatWallet. From lonely wallet to fat wallet, this site provides many more coupons for you to save money. My only concern is that it doesn’t have all my favorite sites like ASOS. One cool advantage though is that it provides you with city-specific deals right at the navigation bar that you can utilize.


Our end goal is to save money while still receiving a quality product. I hope this article gets you closer to that. To wrap up my first official blog post, I ask you to comment any other great coupon sites/sources I might’ve missed. For other bloggers out there, any constructive criticism is appreciated. Enjoy your savings and be on the lookout for many more posts to come 😀

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