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Experience Trumps Knowledge

Library - full of books

I recently finished my driving classes where the instructors taught us a lot about almost every aspect of driving: driving on city streets, country roads, and in all types of weather, etc. etc. The teachers do a good job making sure the students understand the laws and clearing up any confusion that may come with driving. Finally, I got behind the wheel, but I had very limited experience as I do not drive that much. … Read the rest

How to Endure Boring Work

A man reaching for his phone

For the sake of the post, let’s imagine a man named Paul. Paul here constantly has burning passions to start an endeavor whether it be a new skill, craft, sport, etc. This time he wants to start learning the piano. He watches dozens of videos of guys covering popular, complicated songs with, it seems, little effort. This only fuels his motivation even more. Paul immediately goes out to buy a keyboard and sits down and … Read the rest

Love Criticism. Don’t Hate It.

Blurry Glasses

At the end of my junior year in high school, I got into fashion and was determined to improve my appearance. How you look can affect your mood and esteem and is an excellent part of yourself to work on. Some months earlier, I saw some maroon Sperry boat shoes on sale out of town and quickly snatched them up. I finally found something to wear with them and I went to school with my … Read the rest

Needs versus Wants (and How to Separate Them)

Needs versus Wants

Back in fifth grade, I went to an overnight camp with my school. On the last day there, everyone gathered together for our last group activity. For the activity, our groups had to find signs that had a certain “need” written on them that people needed to survive; water, food, shelter, etc. These few signs were scattered all around the whole forest camp grounds. The catch was, there were also many, many signs with “wants” … Read the rest

Why You Should Have Multiple Branches of Income


I’ve discussed very briefly before on how it’s dangerous to just rely on one source of income here. I refer to that post frequently in this one so be sure to read that first. If you’re not subscribed to our email list yet, be sure to subscribe just to the right of this page to get all our new posts immediately in one place. Now, let’s dive into why you should have more than … Read the rest

Keep Your Goals To Yourself

People talking at a restaurant

Remember a time that a friend of yours excitedly telling you their goals and plans for their life. This could be their goals to lose weight, save money, literally anything. They would speak about it every time they had. You would have to remind your friend that they told you about it seven times already. But, two week later, you see them and ask them about their progress. “Oh uh, I moved on from that”, … Read the rest

4 Reasons to Develop a Personal Skill

Piano Player

Learning a personal skill can provide you with many benefits. No matter who you are, they can possibly come in handy for you, especially if you work towards them to mastery. Instead of me spoiling all of the benefits right here, here you go, my 5 reasons to begin developing a skill.

1. They Provide An Outlet To Express Yourself

Many people find trouble in expressing themselves through words and conversation. We all have emotions … Read the rest

Be Independent: A Guide to Self-Reliance

Man on the Mountain

Last night I watched the movie Lion starring Dev Patel. In the beginning, a small poor family lived in a very impoverished area in India. The mother had a very laborsome job of carrying rocks. Her pay was not sufficient to keep her children well fed so the older and younger brothers, Guddu and Saroo (about 12 and 5 in age) take it upon themselves to steal coal off of moving trains and sell the … Read the rest

Why The Worst Situations are Actually the Best

We look at our misfortunes the wrong way. We see our setbacks in life as complete losses. In this age, we look upon them with a depressed eye as yet another indefinite obstacle in our lives just waiting to ruin us. Nope nope nope. Our problem is that we exaggerate the problems or bad times that hit us and see them as misfortunes. Misfortunes that only bring us down. We then get lost in our … Read the rest

How to Start A “Side Hustle”

Side Hustle

: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job.

We’re already through our first month of 2017 people. How are we doing guys? Most of you reading here today have a desire to make some money on the side this year. I’m telling you it’s not too late. Do not wait another year. Another day. Act now. I’ll help you out to get started on starting your very own … Read the rest

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