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4 Reasons to Develop a Personal Skill

Piano Player

Learning a personal skill can provide you with many benefits. No matter who you are, they can possibly come in handy for you, especially if you work towards them to mastery. Instead of me spoiling all of the benefits right here, here you go, my 5 reasons to begin developing … Read the rest

Be Independent: A Guide to Self-Reliance

Man on the Mountain

Last night I watched the movie Lion starring Dev Patel. In the beginning, a small poor family lived in a very impoverished area in India. The mother had a very laborsome job of carrying rocks. Her pay was not sufficient to keep her children well fed so the older and … Read the rest

Why The Worst Situations are Actually the Best

We look at our misfortunes the wrong way. We see our setbacks in life as complete losses. In this age, we look upon them with a depressed eye as yet another indefinite obstacle in our lives just waiting to ruin us. Nope nope nope. Our problem is that we exaggerate … Read the rest

How to Start A “Side Hustle”

Side Hustle

: Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job.

We’re already through our first month of 2017 people. How are we doing guys? Most of you reading here today have a desire to make some money on the side this year. I’m telling you it’s … Read the rest

What does it mean to be broke?

A woman holding out her hands.


 not having any money

Alright, guys post over. You can leave. Just kidding… while everyone knows what it means to be broke, being broke is a lot less straightforward than you think. Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re dedicated to making money to push towards the ultimate goal of having … Read the rest

Why Dream When You Can Do?

Person Dreaming

“I wish I could…”

“I would love to..”

“I have the best business idea..”

Stop. Stop talking, stop imagining, stop dreaming. You are wasting your precious, little time on this Earth, dreaming. Why? Why not do something with your dream?

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream

Read the rest

The Top Movies to Get You Hype (Updated Jan 31)

I just got inspiration for writing this at 3:20 AM after watching a movie listed below (not telling you yet read on). Immediately after watching the movie I worked out and began writing this post for the blog. Now when I mean the top movies to get you hype, I … Read the rest

The Absolute Best “Download Apps For Money” App

FreeMyApps - logo

Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re determined to find the best, most efficient ways to make money/save money online. In doing so, we do not just focus on one method or path but look at all opportunities and there are big opportunities in making money with your cell phone. There are … Read the rest

Get Paid For Buying Stuff Online

Paribus - Logo

As the main goals of this site (A. To Make Money Online / B. To Save Money Online), I’m dedicated to sharing ways/opportunities to carry out these goals. Therefore, in one of my recent searches to save money, I’ve found this app called Paribus. Paribus examines your recent online purchases … Read the rest

Send Money Instantly • Cash App

Square Inc. Logo

A mobile app that is gaining massive popularity is the Cash app by Square. Expanding from mobile card readers, Square Inc. has designed a mobile app for sending and receiving money right on your smartphone. This app is entirely useful for anytime you cannot give somebody cash in person. Cash … Read the rest

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