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As the main goals of this site (A. To Make Money Online / B. To Save Money Online), I’m dedicated to sharing ways/opportunities to carry out these goals. Therefore, in one of my recent searches to save money, I’ve found this app called Paribus. Paribus examines your recent online purchases and whenever there is a price drop from an eligible store (Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, etc), it will automatically refund the difference from the retailer. Example: You buy this weird ass pet rock that’s currently $12.50. Say the price drops to $8.25 in a few days. Paribus will automatically search for that price drop and refund you the money. Simple!

Weird Rock

So… How do I use it?

Paribus - Daily Deals/Refunds

First, you download the app Paribus (or use the website) and create an account, signing in securely through your email provider. Wait. It has access to my email? The app only has restricted tokenized access to pull only receipts.  Paribus will automatically filter the shopping sites’ receipts from your email with the latest items you’ve bought online. Whenever there is a decrease in price, Paribus will automatically initiate a refund. This is a great money-saver especially, used with other online saving techniques used combined. I hope this tool will be of use to use and your online shopping endeavors.


Products eligible for refund have an expiration date: typically 7-14 days from purchase date

Bugs: There were a few bugs on the iPhone app at the time of writing this. Issues were app crashing and login problems.