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The Element of Saving


From the famous words of the famous financial book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason, we have the barebones foundation for saving money. I’ve just started reading the book and I’ve already extracted much wisdom in only the...Read More »

Do you want to Look Rich or Be Rich?

*Disclaimer: This is not a post on how to get rich. I examine the concept of looking like you have money vs. actually having money.

I’ve noticed people close to me making poor financial moves this month. This caused me to examine myself and I began to reflect on a quote...Read More »

How To Crush Impulse Buying

“Yeah, I’ll take one of those too”.

I walked into Gamestop one day to kill some time before my movie started. I looked around until I saw a red 3DS hanging from the wall. I’ve been wanting one for years but never got around to buy one. Now’s my chance, I...Read More »

Needs versus Wants (and How to Separate Them)

Back in fifth grade, I went to an overnight camp with my school. On the last day there, everyone gathered together for our last group activity. For the activity, our groups had to find signs that had a certain “need” written on them that people needed to survive; water, food,...Read More »

Get Paid For Buying Stuff Online

As the main goals of this site (A. To Make Money Online / B. To Save Money Online), I’m dedicated to sharing ways/opportunities to carry out these goals. Therefore, in one of my recent searches to save money, I’ve found this app called Paribus. Paribus examines your recent online...Read More »

Top Coupon Sites To Save You Money Shopping Online

Have you ever started shopping online on your favorite store’s site and got sick just seeing that ridiculous total? Instead of dumping out your cart, I have a solution! Many of you already knew shopping sites provide you with an option to input a coupon or promo code to get...Read More »