Mini Person made of Cardboard

In the beginning, our minds were feeble and we looked to our parents for everything. We copied them to understand correct behavior to gain their approval. This helped our young selves to get what we wanted so we adjusted our behavior as so. This mindset is necessary as a child as it helped us understand basic communication and social structures. The problem is, this mindset tends to carry well into our adult years. Instead of being a necessary component, this way of thinking becomes detrimental. We conform to others’ expectations of us as if their way is the absolute “correct” way to behave in our day to day lives. If we give into being categorized, we’ve been placed inside a box. This box limits you, your behavior, and your personality.


You are a fluid human being. Every single day you change physically, mentally, and emotionally. How can a fluid creature be placed inside of a box? A box is the exact opposite of fluid, it’s rigid, not allowing any space to grow or to change. Everybody has their own unique set of ideas, values, and personality traits. It is impossible to place everyone into one “socially acceptable” category.

You should avoid being categorized by people. Being categorized makes you predictable and easily managed by others. Keep people on their toes and maintain what is unique about you. To do this, resist giving into social pressure. People want to see you in one way, their way. Succumbing to this pressure leads to losing the original parts of your character that make you, you.

Speaking of you, retain yourself. Identify what makes you unique and amplify these traits in your life. Instead of gaining possible minimal social acceptance for giving into social pressure, you’d gain respect for constantly remaining unique.

I hope this post helps you understand the dangers of being boxed and helps you avoid being boxed in your life. Make sure to sign up for email alerts so every new post comes straight to your inbox. Have a good rest of your day.