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Always Dress Your Best

A man that can dressPersonally, I enjoy fashion. Scratch that. I enjoy looking good. Who doesn’t? Nobody plans to go out and look ugly but many of us do not even attempt to clean up our appearance. Who cares right? It’s my body, I don’t need to impress everybody. True, you don’t need to impress EVERYBODY, but you should care about the image of yourself you project to others.

You are a walking advertisement. Everything you do, look like, and say is being judged by everyone you encounter, consciously and subconsciously. First impressions are made instantaneously and have long-lasting effects on how people perceive you. This is important to know in the business world but also in all things. The clothes on our backs carry a massive weight on how we’re seen. Don’t let your clothing hinder you, but let it propel you. Dress your best. Dressing lazily shows that you are lazy. It may not be true but it’s a very likely assumption for someone that doesn’t know you. Appearance-wise, if you dress like a slob, you are a slob. How can anyone take you seriously if you don’t even try to look decent? If you came dressed as a slob to a job interview, how do you think the interviewer will look at you. Will he give you the benefit of the doubt and not judge how you present yourself on other aspects of your life? No! Within the first few seconds of seeing you, he will make assumptions about your work ethic, personality, intelligence, etc. on just how you dress! People can’t help judging. We want the best in all things. Dress for success.

When you dress with a purpose in mind to be successful, you hold yourself in high regard. It is a great level of respect you impose on yourself and it will be evident to others. You look clean and well organized, a person that takes care of themselves. As if that wasn’t attractive enough, you look the part, the part of a successful man/woman. Even if you’re not successful yet, dressing like a winner always sets you ahead.

What You Can Do Now

To get you started here are a few tips to set your foundation for dressing: Before you go out, place some thought into what you wear. See how your clothes fit on you. Are they super baggy? Skin-tight cutting off your circulation? Consider getting some clothes your size that are form-fitting. Think about visiting your local tailor to perform adjustments on your apparel. A good, quality adjustment to your clothes can turn something from ill-fitting to looking very good on you. This does not have to be expensive. Hit up your local thrift store or even shops like Marshal’s or TJ Maxx and find clothes you like and get them fitted if they do not fit right already.

One tip you may think is obvious is looking yourself in the mirror. I honestly didn’t start actively doing this until my senior year in high school. Now, it is a daily routine to see how I look before I leave the house. The good thing about a mirror is that a mirror doesn’t lie. It’ll show you what looks good on you and what is out of place.

As always, the internet has tons of resources to help you in your endeavor to looking your best. I’ve given you some ideas to get you started. This post was a lot of fun to write and I’d appreciate your comments you may have. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email alerts to receive new posts straight to your inbox as soon as I write them. Dressing may seem like a daunting task at first, but when handled, you will never want to turn back to dressing without a purpose.

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  1. There are few other feelings like the one you have when you look great. We all have that favorite piece of clothing, whether it be a pair of jeans, top or suit, it just makes you feel like you can take on the world.

    Most of life is, mentally, getting out of your own way. Why not start first thing in the morning while getting dressed?

    Trust this article, your best and your highest confidence will be exhumed when dress to conquer.

    Great post!

    • Juan

      September 21, 2017 at 1:08 pm

      Well put! When I wear one of my favorite outfits, I honestly feel like I can conquer the world. You feel good about yourself and this oozes out and is very evident to others. Also, I agree, how you treat your mornings has an effect on the rest of your day. I appreciate your input.

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