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My mini-outline of this post

I don’t write any post on LW without preparation. There’s just no point. I want to make sure that what I write serves its purpose and I cannot do that without preparation. A police officer doesn’t just wake up and fight crime. He has to put on his uniform, get mentally right to do his job, and know where he’s going. Knowing where you’re going is a crucial part of your preparation. Like that old quote we always here in school, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Lewis Carrol. It’s true. If your business, art, or work has zero direction, it’s not going to go anywhere you want it to. There is no reason to continue unless you have an end goal. Without one, you’ll remain in an everlasting loop until you burn out and give up. What you need is a mission.

State your Mission

Without a mission, you’re just dreaming. A mission is a plan you intend to fulfill, big or small. If you’re bullshitting, go ahead and dream. I know most of my readers want their work to be successful, so I’m writing this for you guys. The guys that have every ounce of their body needing success in their endeavors. You need a mission. Let your mission drive you. Let it fuel those moments where you’re tired and don’t feel like doing anything. Let it remind you why you even started in the first place. When you remember, and when it fuels you, get up and get that shit done. There’s no better waste then idle motivation.

Live your Mission

Once your mission is clear and present, keep it in your mind and don’t let it slip. It’s so easy to get distracted, so you need your mission to keep you focused. There’s nothing worse than seeing something you were so “passionate” for, fade away and die. To keep your project from dying, move forward with it every day. Whenever you work, give it 100% of your effort and energy. This keeps your mission within you constantly and maintains its priority in your life.

In conclusion, make sure you have a mission that drives you. I hate to see so many individual’s projects die out. We’re going to keep moving forward with anything that is truly important to us. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email alerts to receive the newest, life-benefiting posts straight to your inbox. Every post is designed to keep you on the path moving forward, so you don’t want to miss out. Finally, remember, know where you want your work to be and always head towards it.

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