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Remember a time that a friend of yours excitedly telling you their goals and plans for their life. This could be their goals to lose weight, save money, literally anything. They would speak about it every time they had. You would have to remind your friend that they told you about it seven times already. But, two week later, you see them and ask them about their progress. “Oh uh, I moved on from that”, they’d say or “I’m working on it”, a year later. Your friends had good intentions on fulfilling their goals, what happened? They told you. You would think that telling others your goals, especially to a trustworthy friend, would be beneficial. It would get it off your chest and maybe your friend would help you accomplish them, right? Thing is, it does the exact opposite.

Why shouldn’t you tell people your goals?

When something is important to us, we tend to talk about it, a lot. The problem with that is, talking about your goals takes you even further from accomplishing them. Talking about your goals gives us a sense of accomplishment as if we already fulfilled them and that is never the case. When we continuously talk about our goals and how we’re going to reach them, they begin turning into dreams. And if you read the “Why Dream When You Can Do” post, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You keep talking about your goals rather than taking action and putting in the work to get where you want to be. Read the above post to find out how to accomplish that.

The other reason to not tell others your goals is more obvious. People will try to change your goals or how you feel about them through their opinions. They’ll express their disbelief in your ability to accomplish your goals. This type of negativity is detrimental and should be avoided. Your friends may even do this unknowingly. It is best to keep your goals to yourself until you can say you have completed them.

I feel like telling the whole world though!

Arms out to the world

Simple, write your goals down. When you get your objectives on paper, it takes some of the stress away from feeling the need to tell others and it reminds you on what you are reaching for. Resist the temptation to tell people, it’ll only decrease your chances on carrying out your plans, even with good intentions. Make sure to read the above post to help you complete the goals you set for yourself. Keep up with your goals and I’ll see you in the next post.