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 not having any money

Alright, guys post over, you can leave. Just kidding… while everyone knows what it means to be broke, being broke is a lot less straightforward than you think. Here at Lonely Wallet, we’re dedicated to becoming rich in all aspects of our lives, not just financially. Making money requires wisdom, a mental change, and a change in your habits. Acquiring these allows us to push towards the ultimate goal of having financial freedom. (I’ve provided tools already with more to come.)

We all agree it sucks to be broke. It makes it harder to feed the kids, pay bills, keep a roof over your head, etc. etc. etc. We feel less in control over our situations when we do not have the money we need to carry on our daily lives. We feel powerless. Why? Money gives us power. Not talking about some weird evil power. I’m talking about the type of power to not stress over life’s necessities. The type of power that gives us options to choose in our lives. When we’re broke, our money has to be in one place or another, to survive.

“But I’m not broke, I have a job.” The majority of our jobs consist of going to work from 9-5 taking orders from an annoying, possibly underqualified boss, and not doing what we really want to do. You have to request for days off, ask if you can take your lunch early,  or pray for a promotion. I HATE THAT. That is still being in a stage of being broke where I do not have any freedom. Then your boss has the power to deny that day off, oppose you taking a lunch break early, and even reject your job promotion. Why are we giving others this power over our lives??

We’re on a journey guys. Let’s regain that power in our lives. We cannot live as a human and not have control over our lives in this day and age. Say no to being broke. That’s my mission statement and what I’ll live by. This blog is in the stage of acquiring knowledge on saving money and self-improvement. These are the priorities that will lead into making money in the long run. It will take a ton of work from us to start making our own money but we’ll get through it together. Here is some information to start you off (with more being added constantly):

The Element of Saving

How To Start a Side Hustle

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