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Instead of money on the line, it’s your goals and ambitions.

Eight months ago, this blog was born. Right before the site became live, I had to purchase a hosting package and domain. I was very hesitant because I had a history of ideas and “burning passions” that gave me so much enthusiasm but ended up dying away. “But not this blog”, I told myself. I told myself I would stick with it and not let it go into the graveyard with the rest of my undeveloped projects. So I got the hosting package and domain and here we are now. I consider this still the beginning stage because we are still far from my vision of this blog. I understand why I’ve stuck it out so far though, I’ve put way more energy into this blog than I’ve ever done with any of my dead projects. With any priority in your life, it is absolutely necessary to give 100% from beginning to end.

What happens when you give less than 100%

You get unmotivated, distracted, careless. The priority that you once gave the utmost authority and attention to has begun to fade as other “priorities” take its place. Whatever the thing was may still be important to you, but not important enough for you to do something about it. That’s why if you really care about something, there is no time for pussy-footing around. Logically, pussy-footing makes no sense, if you want something so bad, why not put in the effort to go get it? Why wait? Waiting is detrimental. Waiting teaches us to let things come to us instead of going out to get them. As we patiently wait, no progress is being made. If you’ve made any progress beforehand, all of that is just rusting, sitting idle, getting stale. I’ve mentioned the corny toothpaste motto before, “If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing”. That post explains why waiting is so bad for our productivity as well as extensive “breaks”.

Another killer of productivity is half-ass work. Half-ass work only leads to half-ass results. Your ambitions don’t deserve half-ass work. As a recurring theme on LW, we value self-respect. Nobody is going to get your ambitions for you, so if it means anything to you, get up and get to work. If you need to be a better soccer player, go play. If you need to work on yourself, go read our self-improvement section. If you need to be a better blogger, go write! Don’t let your priorities die. Get out there and do something, and whatever you do give it your all. Part of this means giving yourself the necessary time to complete your task. Begin to cut out activities in your day that aren’t productive. If this is truly a priority, believe me, you will make time. Time is elusive, but if you’re dedicated to your cause, time will work for you. That’s enough from me, now get out there and be somebody😂!

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  1. Great post! Sometimes you just have to kick yourself in the butt & do what you’re passionate about. No matter how scary or unknown!

  2. ” Waiting is detrimental”. I love that!

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