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Whatever you do, Give it your all

2 Men Arm Wrestling

Instead of money on the line, it’s your goals and ambitions.

Eight months ago, this blog was born. Right before the site became live, I had to purchase a hosting package and domain. I was very hesitant because I had a history of ideas and “burning passions” that gave me so much enthusiasm but ended up dying away. “But not this blog”, I told myself. I told myself I would stick with it and not … Read the rest

Keep Your Goals To Yourself

People talking at a restaurant

Remember a time that a friend of yours excitedly telling you their goals and plans for their life. This could be their goals to lose weight, save money, literally anything. They would speak about it every time they had. You would have to remind your friend that they told you about it seven times already. But, two week later, you see them and ask them about their progress. “Oh uh, I moved on from that”, … Read the rest

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